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15 Good Takeout Food Places in San Diego

Jameson Cole

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good takeout food places

Looking for some good takeout food places in San Diego? Whether you’re planning a cozy night in or just want to skip the cooking, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a rundown of the best spots to grab your favorite dishes without the hassle.

1. Buona Forchetta

Location: Multiple Locations

Buona Forchetta is a go-to for pizza lovers. Their pies are baked to perfection with a crispy crust and gooey cheese. They also offer a range of other Italian delights. Perfect for a romantic night in or a casual dinner with friends.

  • Menu Highlights: Margherita Pizza, Lasagna, Tiramisu
  • Order OnlineBuona Forchetta

2. Cocina de Barrio

good takeout food places

Location: Hillcrest

Specializing in Oaxacan cuisine, Cocina de Barrio serves up barbacoa, birria, and memelitas. Their tlayuda is a must-try, a large tortilla topped with refried beans, cheese, cilantro, and your choice of meat.

  • Menu Highlights: Tlayuda, Barbacoa, Birria
  • Contact: (619) 677-2770

3. Phil’s BBQ

Location: Midway District

Phil’s BBQ is famous for its slow-cooked meats and tangy sauces. Skip the line by ordering takeout and enjoy their mouth-watering ribs and brisket at home.

  • Menu Highlights: Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket, BBQ Chicken
  • Order OnlinePhil’s BBQ

4. Dumpling Inn

Location: Kearny Mesa

Craving dumplings? Dumpling Inn offers a variety of boiled, steamed, and fried options. Their menu also features classic Chinese dishes like fried rice and noodles.

  • Menu Highlights: Pork and Chive Dumplings, Fried Rice, Lo Mein
  • Contact: (858) 268-9638

5. Elizabethan Desserts

Location: Encinitas

Add a sweet touch to your meal with desserts from Elizabethan Desserts. From cookies to pies, they have everything to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Menu Highlights: Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies
  • Contact: (760) 230-6781

6. Fish 101

Locations: Leucadia, Cardiff

Fish 101 is your spot for fresh seafood takeout. Their limited menu includes clam chowder, fish and chips, and poke bowls. Perfect for a beachside picnic.

  • Menu Highlights: Clam Chowder, Fish and Chips, Poke Bowls
  • Order OnlineFish 101

7. Tributes Pizza

Location: North Park

Tribute Pizza offers a variety of artisanal pizzas with unique toppings. Their contactless curbside service makes takeout a breeze.

  • Menu Highlights: Biancoverde Pizza, Weekly Specials
  • Order OnlineTribute Pizza

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8. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Location: North Park

Ethiopian food is perfect for sharing, and Awash offers a variety of dishes that are ideal for date night. Their menu includes vegetarian options, meat dishes, and fish.

  • Menu Highlights: Doro Wat, Tibs, Vegetarian Combo
  • Contact: (619) 282-8280

9. Bronx Pizza

Location: Hillcrest

With rave reviews and a loyal following, Bronx Pizza serves up some of the best New York-style pizza in San Diego. Their thin crust and generous toppings make for a satisfying meal.

  • Menu Highlights: Tomato Basil Pizza, Calzones
  • Contact: (619) 291-3341

10. Urban Plates

good takeout food places

Location: Carmel Valley

Urban Plates offers farm-to-table dishes that are both quick and healthy. Their open kitchen allows you to see your meal being prepared.

  • Menu Highlights: Grilled Chicken, Brussel Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes
  • Order OnlineUrban Plates

11. Himitsu

Location: La Jolla

For sushi lovers, Himitsu offers a variety of sushi and sashimi platters that are perfect for sharing. Their takeout options are as fresh and delicious as dining in.

  • Menu Highlights: Sushi Platters, Sashimi
  • Contact: (858) 263-4463

12. Chef Wong Chinese Cuisine

Location: Carmel Mountain

Chef Wong is a newer addition to the San Diego food scene but has quickly become a favorite. Their chow fun noodles and Xiao Long Bao are highly recommended.

  • Menu Highlights: Chow Fun Noodles, Xiao Long Bao
  • Contact: (858) 538-1388

13. Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe

Location: Carlsbad

While pies might not be a traditional takeout meal, they are perfect for sharing. Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe offers a range of delicious options like banana cream and coconut custard.

  • Menu Highlights: Banana Cream Pie, Peach Pie, Coconut Custard Pie
  • Contact: (760) 729-6414

14. Liuyishou Hotpot

Location: Kearny Mesa

Liuyishou Hotpot provides hot pot kits for you to enjoy at home. Their menu features a variety of meats, veggies, and broths to mix and match.

  • Menu Highlights: Spicy Broth, Sliced Beef, Tofu
  • Contact: (858) 598-5300

15. Plumeria

Location: University Heights

Plumeria offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their flower cups are a must-try, and they reward customers who bring their own takeout containers.

  • Menu Highlights: Flower Cups, Sticky Rice and Mango
  • Contact: (619) 269-9989

Comparison Table

Buona ForchettaMultiple LocationsMargherita Pizza, Lasagna, TiramisuLink
Cocina de BarrioHillcrestTlayuda, Barbacoa, Birria(619) 677-2770
Phil’s BBQMidway DistrictBaby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket, BBQ ChickenLink
Dumpling InnKearny MesaPork and Chive Dumplings, Fried Rice(858) 268-9638
Elizabethan DessertsEncinitasCheesecakes, Pies, Cookies(760) 230-6781
Fish 101Leucadia, CardiffClam Chowder, Fish and Chips, Poke BowlsLink
Tribute PizzaNorth ParkBiancoverde Pizza, Weekly SpecialsLink
Awash Ethiopian RestaurantNorth ParkDoro Wat, Tibs, Vegetarian Combo(619) 282-8280
Bronx PizzaHillcrestTomato Basil Pizza, Calzones(619) 291-3341
Urban PlatesCarmel ValleyGrilled Chicken, Brussel SproutsLink
HimitsuLa JollaSushi Platters, Sashimi(858) 263-4463
Chef Wong Chinese CuisineCarmel MountainChow Fun Noodles, Xiao Long Bao(858) 538-1388
Village Kitchen & Pie ShoppeCarlsbadBanana Cream Pie, Peach Pie(760) 729-6414
Liuyishou HotpotKearny MesaSpicy Broth, Sliced Beef, Tofu(858) 598-5300
PlumeriaUniversity HeightsFlower Cups, Sticky Rice and Mango(619) 269-9989


San Diego offers a plethora of fantastic takeout options, whether you’re in the mood for pizza, sushi, BBQ, or something more exotic. The next time you’re planning a night in, consider one of these top 15 takeout food places for a meal that won’t disappoint.


1. What are the best places for Chinese takeout in San Diego?

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen, Dumpling Inn, and Chef Wong Chinese Cuisine are among the top spots.

2. Where can I find good vegan takeout options?

Plumeria in University Heights is a great choice for vegan and vegetarian dishes.

3. What is the best place for takeout pizza in San Diego?

Buona Forchetta and Bronx Pizza are highly recommended for their delicious pizzas.

4. Are there any good dessert takeout options?

Yes, Elizabethan Desserts and Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe offer a variety of sweet treats.

5. Where can I get takeout BBQ in San Diego?

Phil’s BBQ in the Midway District is famous for its slow-cooked meats and tangy sauces.


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