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11 Fun Money Games for Adults to Boost Your Savings

Lucas Bennet

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money games for adults

Want to level up your savings while having a blast? Check out these 11 awesome money games for adults that’ll make growing your bank account feel like play!

1. The Rainbow Savings Game

Grab a bag of Skittles and a mason jar. Assign each color a money amount (e.g., red = $10, purple = $50). Each week, pick a Skittle and challenge yourself to save that amount by next Sunday. Color in the matching rainbow strip when you succeed!

2. The 40% Rule Savings Challenge

money games for adults

Navy Seal David Goggins says we only tap into 40% of our true potential. Push past your perceived savings limit by adding 60% to your original goal. Saving $500? Amp it up to $800!

3. Craft Your Own Savings Board Game

Design a personalized game board where each space is worth a certain savings amount. Create milestones with rewards for motivation. Follow the trail to your ultimate savings goal!

4. 52-Card Pickup Savings Challenge

Assign a money value to each card type (e.g., Hearts = $20). Each week, draw a card and save that amount. Track your progress on a handy checklist. After 52 weeks, you’ll have a full deck of savings!

5. End-of-Receipt Savings Challenge

You know those “You Saved $X” messages on store receipts? They’re not real savings unless you actually bank them! Transfer the amount you “saved” into your savings account. Every penny counts!

6. The 1% More Savings Challenge

Challenge yourself to save just 1% more of your income each month. Slowly but surely, you’ll be amazed at how much extra you can sock away.

7. Matched Savings Challenge

Be your own employer and match your savings contributions! For every dollar you save, give yourself a $0.50 or $1.00 bonus. Or, match a percentage of your discretionary spending and watch your savings soar.

8. The 10% Gross Pay Savings Challenge

We’ve all heard we should save 10% of our salary, but are you doing it? If not, start now! Already saving 10% of your take-home pay? Bump it up to 10% of your gross pay for an extra challenge.

9. Double the Distance, Half the Time

money games for adults

Supercharge your savings by doubling your target amount and cutting your timeline in half. Get creative and find ways to make it happen!

10. The Jerry Seinfeld Savings Method

Jerry Seinfeld motivated himself to write daily by marking an “X” on a calendar for each successful day. Apply this to your savings habits and aim for an unbroken chain of “X”s. You’ve got this!

11. Gamify Your Savings with Apps & Board Games

Boost your financial literacy and savings savvy with apps like Kit by Commbank, Zogo, and online games like Build Your Stax. Board games like Cashflow and Monopoly can also help you practice money management skills in a fun, low-stakes environment.

Savings Apps & Games

GameAge GroupKey SkillsFormat
Kit by CommbankKidsEarning, saving, spendingApp
Build Your StaxTeens & AdultsInvesting, wealth-buildingOnline game
ZogoTeens & AdultsFinancial conceptsApp with gift card rewards
CashflowAdultsInvesting, budgeting, money managementBoard game & digital versions

By turning saving money into a game, you’ll stay motivated, engaged, and on track to reach your financial goals. Whether you prefer apps, online games, board games, or DIY challenges, there’s a perfect savings game out there for you. Ready, set, save!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can money games for adults help me save more?

A: Money games make saving fun and engaging, encouraging you to stick with your savings goals. They also provide a safe space to practice financial skills and concepts.

Q: Are these money games suitable for all ages?

A: While some games are designed for kids or teens, many are perfect for adults of all ages. Choose games that align with your financial knowledge and goals.

Q: Can I play these money games for adults with friends or family?

A: Absolutely! Playing money games with others can make the experience even more enjoyable and motivating. Challenge each other and celebrate your savings wins together.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or apps to play these money games?

A: Many of these games can be played with items you already have at home, like a jar, calendar, or deck of cards. Some games may require downloading an app or purchasing a board game, but there are options for every preference and budget.


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    11 Fun Money Games for Adults to Boost Your Savings

    Want to level up your savings while having a blast? Check out these 11 awesome ...

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