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The 12 Best Lawyer YouTube Channels

Caleb Turner

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Looking for the best lawyer YouTube channels? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a law student, practicing attorney, or simply interested in legal matters, these channels are your go-to sources for insightful content. Let’s dive in!

1. LegalEagle

LegalEagle is a powerhouse in the legal YouTube space with nearly 3 million subscribers. Run by Devin Stone, a practicing litigator, this channel breaks down complex legal issues with humor and clarity. From analyzing famous trials to debunking legal myths, LegalEagle is both entertaining and educational.

best lawyer youtube channels

2. Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law offers a treasure trove of legal knowledge. With content ranging from Supreme Court updates to business law insights, this channel is perfect for legal professionals looking to stay informed. Their playlists are well-organized, making it easy to find content relevant to your interests.

3. The Lawyer You Know

The Lawyer You Know is your go-to for practical legal advice. With over 384,000 subscribers, this channel covers everything from live reactions to trial verdicts to detailed explanations of legal processes. It’s a great resource for both lawyers and the general public.

4. Shouse Law Group

Shouse Law Group focuses on California law, providing advice on topics like DUI, burglary, and the Three Strikes Law. This channel is an excellent resource for potential clients and legal professionals alike, offering detailed explanations and practical tips.

5. Law & Crime Network

Law & Crime Network boasts over 5.91 million subscribers and offers live court videos, high-profile trial coverage, and legal analysis. Founded by Dan Abrams, this channel is perfect for anyone interested in the legal system and criminal justice.

6. Lawful Masses with Leonard French

Lawful Masses is a unique channel that focuses on the intersection of law and technology. Leonard French, a tinkerer and lawyer, provides insightful commentary on cases involving AI, ChatGPT, and more. His engaging thumbnails and in-depth analysis make this channel a must-watch.

7. AALegalFocus

AALegalFocus is a smaller channel that covers a wide range of legal topics. From day-to-day life as a lawyer to deep dives into specific cases, this channel offers valuable insights for aspiring attorneys and curious minds alike.

8. Consumer Warrior

Consumer Warrior focuses on bankruptcy, debt collection, and credit card debt. Attorney John Skiba hosts Q&A sessions and provides educational videos that are both informative and accessible. With over 60.5K subscribers, this channel is a valuable resource for anyone dealing with financial legal issues.

9. Morgan & Morgan

best lawyer youtube channels

Morgan & Morgan is America’s largest injury law firm, and their YouTube channel reflects their expertise. From fun, engaging ads to serious legal advice, this channel covers a broad spectrum of personal injury topics, making it a great resource for potential clients.

10. The Real Estate Lawyer

The Real Estate Lawyer by Tiffany Webber covers all things real estate law. From closing costs to real estate taxes, Tiffany provides clear, concise information that’s perfect for both buyers and sellers. Her engaging content makes complex topics easy to understand.

11. Ian Corzine

Ian Corzine is a social media lawyer with a focus on compliance and internet law. With over 131K subscribers, Ian’s channel is a must-watch for content creators and businesses navigating the digital landscape. His expertise in Web3 and crypto law is particularly timely.

12. Emily D. Baker

Emily D. Baker is everyone’s favorite legal commentator. A former prosecutor, Emily now covers high-profile cases and legal news with a relatable and engaging style. With over 774K subscribers, her channel is a fantastic resource for both legal professionals and the general public.

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Comparison Table of Lawyer YouTube Channels

Channel NameFocus AreasSubscribersNotable Content
LegalEagleLegal analysis, trial breakdowns3.21MReal Lawyer Reacts
Bloomberg LawBusiness law, Supreme Court updates29.2KLegal news, panel discussions
The Lawyer You KnowPractical legal advice384KLive trial reactions
Shouse Law GroupCalifornia law, DUI, burglary42.5KLegal explainers
Law & Crime NetworkCriminal trials, legal analysis5.91MLive court videos
Lawful Masses with Leonard FrenchTech law, AI, ChatGPT164KCase analysis
AALegalFocusGeneral legal topics, lawyer lifestyle15.9KEducational videos
Consumer WarriorBankruptcy, debt collection60.5KEducational Q&A sessions
Morgan & MorganPersonal injury law8.7KFun ads, legal advice
The Real Estate LawyerReal estate law31.2KClosing costs, real estate taxes
Ian CorzineSocial media law, compliance131KWeb3, crypto law
Emily D. BakerLegal commentary, high-profile cases774KCase coverage, legal news


Q: What makes LegalEagle a standout YouTube channel?

A: LegalEagle combines humor with legal analysis, making complex legal topics accessible and entertaining.

Q: How can Bloomberg Law help legal professionals?

A: Bloomberg Law offers in-depth analysis and updates on current legal events, making it a valuable resource for staying informed.

Q: What type of content does The Lawyer You Know provide?

A: The channel offers practical legal advice, live trial reactions, and detailed explanations of legal processes.

Q: Why should I subscribe to Shouse Law Group?

A: This channel provides detailed legal advice on California law, making it a great resource for potential clients and legal professionals alike.

Q: What is unique about Lawful Masses with Leonard French?

A: Leonard French focuses on the intersection of law and technology, providing insightful commentary on cases involving AI and more.


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