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12 Best Gifts for Law Clients This Holiday Season

Caleb Turner

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gifts for law clients for holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and as a lawyer, it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for your valued clients. Sending a thoughtful gift not only strengthens your professional relationship but also keeps you top of mind. But what makes the best gifts for law clients for holiday?

It should be:

  • Personal and tailored to their interests
  • Useful in their daily life
  • Reflective of your attention and care
  • Appropriate for a professional relationship

Ideal Gifts for Law Clients this Holiday

With those criteria in mind, here are 12 unique gift ideas that will delight your law clients this holiday season:

1. Personalized Stationery Set

gifts for law clients for holidays

A custom stationery set with the client’s name or initials is both practical and personal. Include high-quality paper, envelopes, and a nice pen. It’s a gift they’ll reach for again and again.

2. Leather Charger Case

For the tech-savvy client always on the go, a leather charger case is both stylish and functional. Look for one with separate pockets to neatly organize cables and chargers.

3. Engraved Planner or Journal

Help your client stay organized in the new year with a sleek planner or journal. Take it up a notch by having their name or a short message engraved on the cover.

4. Local Experience or Gift Card

Support a local business while treating your client to a nice meal or relaxing spa service. A gift card to their favorite neighborhood spot shows you’ve paid attention to their likes and community.

5. Touch Screen Gloves

gifts for law clients for holidays

If your client lives in a colder climate, a pair of touch screen gloves will be much appreciated. They’ll keep your client’s hands toasty while still being able to use their smartphone.

6. Gourmet Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with artisanal treats, sweets, and savory snacks is always well received. Opt for locally made goods or items you know cater to their tastes and dietary preferences.

7. Monogrammed Scarf or Handbag

For a personalized gift that’s both fashionable and functional, consider a monogrammed accessory like a cozy scarf for chilly weather or a timeless leather handbag.

8. Charitable Donation

Make a donation in your client’s name to a cause or organization they care about. It could be related to their industry, community, or personal interests.

9. Book Set or Subscription

For the avid reader, curate a set of books tailored to their interests, whether that’s business, hobbies, or fiction favorites. Or gift a subscription to a book-of-the-month club or audiobook service.

10. Desk Accessories

gifts for law clients for holidays

Elevate your client’s workspace with sophisticated desk accessories like a marble paperweight, monogrammed leather mousepad, or sleek metal pen holder.

11. Coffee or Tea Essentials

If your client is a caffeine aficionado, put together a gourmet selection of beans from a local roaster or specialty teas and pair with a stylish brewing accessory like a French press or tea infuser.

12. Socially Conscious Gifts

Choose a gift that gives back, like a candle that supports refugee women artisans or socks that donate a pair to someone in need. Your clients will appreciate a present with a purpose.

Client Gift Comparison

Gift IdeaPersonalizedUsefulUnique
Stationery Set
Charger Case
Local Gift Card
Touch Screen Gloves
Gift Basket
Monogrammed Scarf
Charitable Donation
Book Set
Desk Accessories
Coffee/Tea Set
Socially Conscious Gift


When selecting a holiday gift for your law clients, the key is to make it personal, practical, and reflective of your relationship. By putting thought into your gift-giving, you reinforce your commitment to your clients and your appreciation for their business.

Any one of these 12 best gifts for law clients is sure to hit the mark and spread some holiday cheer. The most important thing is that it comes from a place of authenticity and true gratitude.

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1. How much should I spend on a client gift?

There’s no set rule, but aim for a gift that’s thoughtful and reflects the value of your relationship without being overly extravagant. Many firms have a budget of $50-$150 per client gift.

2. When should I send out client gifts?

The earlier the better to avoid the mad holiday rush and ensure on-time delivery. Late November to early December is generally a good window. You want your gift to arrive before your clients leave for the holidays.

3. Should I send the same gift to all my clients?

Not necessarily. It’s okay to have a few different gift options based on your client tiers or types. The key is to keep the gifts equitable in perceived value. Personalizing the gifts as much as possible is always a nice touch.

4. What if my client can’t accept gifts?

Some clients may have a corporate policy that limits or restricts the gifts they can receive. If you’re unsure, it’s best to check with your client first. A charitable donation in their honor or a heartfelt card are good alternatives.


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