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12 Fun and Engaging Holiday Activities for Middle School Students

Oliver Grant

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a whirlwind of excitement and distractions for middle school students. As a teacher, it can be challenging to keep your students engaged and focused on learning during this time of year. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of 12 holiday activities for middle school students that will help you channel their energy and maintain classroom productivity.

1. Holiday-Themed Writing Prompts

holiday activities for middle school students

Tap into your students’ creativity with holiday-themed writing prompts. Some ideas include:

  • Write a letter to Santa from the perspective of a fictional character
  • Create a holiday-themed short story or poem
  • Reflect on a favorite holiday memory or tradition

These writing activities not only improve writing skills but also allow students to express themselves and share their holiday experiences.

2. Holiday Around the World Project

Encourage cultural awareness and diversity by having students research and present on holiday traditions from around the world. They can:

  • Choose a country and a holiday to research
  • Create a presentation or poster showcasing the holiday’s history, customs, and traditions
  • Share their findings with the class through presentations or a holiday fair

This project-based learning activity helps students appreciate and understand different cultures and traditions.

3. Holiday-Themed STEM Challenges

Incorporate holiday themes into STEM activities to make learning fun and festive. Some ideas include:

  • Design and build a gingerbread house with specific criteria (e.g., minimum height, number of windows)
  • Create a Rube Goldberg machine to light a menorah or kinara
  • Engineer a sleigh that can safely transport a certain number of presents

These hands-on activities develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills while keeping students engaged.

4. Holiday Community Service Projects

Encourage students to give back to their community during the holiday season. Some ideas include:

  • Organizing a food or toy drive for local charities
  • Volunteering at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter
  • Creating holiday cards or care packages for senior citizens or military personnel

Community service projects teach students the importance of empathy, compassion, and making a positive impact in their community.

5. Holiday-Themed Escape Rooms

Create a holiday-themed escape room that challenges students to solve puzzles and riddles related to various subjects. For example:

  • A “Santa’s Workshop” escape room that incorporates math problems to unlock clues
  • A “Holiday Around the World” escape room that tests students’ knowledge of geography and cultural traditions
  • A “Holiday Literature” escape room that requires students to analyze holiday-themed texts to progress

Escape rooms are an engaging way to review and reinforce content while promoting teamwork and critical thinking skills.

6. Holiday Cooking or Baking Projects

holiday activities for middle school students

Bring the joy of holiday cooking or baking into the classroom with guided recipes that incorporate math and science concepts. Students can:

  • Follow recipes that require measuring, mixing, and baking
  • Explore the science behind baking (e.g., how yeast works, the role of baking soda)
  • Create a class cookbook with their favorite holiday recipes

Cooking and baking projects teach valuable life skills while reinforcing academic concepts in a fun and tasty way.

7. Holiday-Themed Art Projects

Encourage creativity and self-expression through holiday-themed art projects. Some ideas include:

  • Creating holiday cards or gift tags using various art techniques (e.g., watercolor, printmaking)
  • Designing and decorating holiday ornaments or stockings
  • Constructing holiday-themed dioramas or sculptures

Art projects provide a relaxing and enjoyable way for students to express themselves and take a break from more structured academic activities.

8. Holiday-Themed Math Activities

Integrate holiday themes into math activities to make learning more festive and engaging. Some ideas include:

  • Calculating the surface area and volume of holiday gift boxes
  • Creating symmetrical holiday ornament designs
  • Collecting and analyzing data on holiday spending habits

These activities show students how math concepts apply to real-world situations and make learning more relevant and meaningful.

9. Holiday-Themed Science Experiments

Conduct holiday-themed science experiments that explore scientific concepts in a fun and festive way. Some ideas include:

  • Investigating the properties of fake snow and comparing it to real snow
  • Exploring the science behind the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis
  • Testing the insulating properties of various materials to design the best winter coat

These hands-on experiments help students develop scientific inquiry skills and understand the world around them.

10. Holiday Music and Theater Performances

Incorporate music and theater into your holiday activities by having students:

  • Learn and perform holiday songs from various cultures
  • Write and perform holiday-themed skits or plays
  • Attend or participate in school holiday concerts or performances

Music and theater activities help students develop confidence, creativity, and collaboration skills while celebrating the holiday season.

11. Holiday-Themed Debates or Discussions

Engage students in critical thinking and communication through holiday-themed debates or discussions. Some ideas include:

  • Debating the environmental impact of real vs. artificial Christmas trees
  • Discussing the commercialization of the holiday season and its effects on society
  • Analyzing the portrayal of holidays in media and popular culture

These activities help students develop their ability to articulate opinions, listen to others, and think critically about complex issues.

12. Holiday Gratitude Journals

Encourage students to practice gratitude during the holiday season by keeping a gratitude journal. Students can:

  • Write daily entries about things they are thankful for
  • Reflect on the positive aspects of their lives and relationships
  • Share their gratitude with classmates through discussions or presentations

Gratitude journals help students develop a positive mindset, improve their mental health, and appreciate the good things in their lives.

ActivityAcademic SkillsLife Skills
Holiday-Themed Writing PromptsWriting, Creative ExpressionSelf-Reflection, Communication
Holiday Around the World ProjectResearch, Presentation SkillsCultural Awareness, Diversity
Holiday-Themed STEM ChallengesScience, Math, EngineeringProblem-Solving, Critical Thinking
Holiday Community Service ProjectsSocial Studies, CitizenshipEmpathy, Compassion, Community Involvement
Holiday-Themed Escape RoomsVarious Subjects (Customizable)Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving
Holiday Cooking or Baking ProjectsMath (Measurement), ScienceLife Skills, Following Instructions
Holiday-Themed Art ProjectsArt, Creative ExpressionSelf-Expression, Relaxation
Holiday-Themed Math ActivitiesMathReal-World Applications, Data Analysis
Holiday-Themed Science ExperimentsScienceScientific Inquiry, Hands-On Learning
Holiday Music and Theater PerformancesMusic, TheaterConfidence, Creativity, Collaboration
Holiday-Themed Debates or DiscussionsLanguage Arts, Social StudiesCritical Thinking, Communication, Listening
Holiday Gratitude JournalsWriting, Social-Emotional LearningGratitude, Self-Reflection, Mental Health


By incorporating these engaging holiday activities into your middle school classroom, you can help your students stay focused, develop important skills, and celebrate the season in a meaningful way. Remember to be flexible, creative, and responsive to your students’ needs as you navigate this exciting and challenging time of year.

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How can I adapt these activities for different grade levels or subject areas?

Many of these activities can be easily modified to suit different grade levels or subject areas. For example, you can adjust the complexity of writing prompts, STEM challenges, or math problems to match your students’ abilities. Additionally, you can incorporate specific subject content into escape rooms, debates, or art projects to reinforce learning in those areas.

How do I manage the potential chaos and excitement during these holiday activities?

To manage excitement and maintain a productive learning environment, establish clear expectations and guidelines for behavior before beginning any holiday activity. Break activities into smaller, manageable steps and provide regular check-ins and support to keep students on track. Encourage a balance of fun and learning, and be prepared to adapt your plans as needed based on your students’ needs and energy levels.

How can I ensure that these activities are inclusive and respectful of all students’ backgrounds and beliefs?

When planning holiday activities, be mindful of the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of your students. Offer a variety of activities that celebrate different cultural traditions and allow students to share their own experiences and perspectives. Emphasize the importance of respect, empathy, and understanding when discussing or presenting about different holiday customs. Create a safe and inclusive classroom environment where all students feel valued and supported.


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